National Education and Our Core Values

Having spoken to many parents at the march yesterday, it has helped me to understand more about their concerns, and why our children, my son, should not be subjected to this kind of education in 21st Century Hong Kong. The HK Government should put a stop to the current national education plans, and re-focus on the real priorities that will make our local education system better. 

1st Newsletter to the Legal Profession

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Last Thursday, I formally announced my candidacy to stand in the upcoming LegCo election in September 2012 for the Legal functional constituency seat. This is my first newsletter. I hope to regularly communicate with you on current issues and other important matters which concern the Legal profession.


The main message of my election platform is “Our Values Must Live On”. I believe that the Core Values below are essential for Hong Kong and for China, and we must do our utmost to defend them:


‧ rule of law

‧ freedom

‧ social justice

‧ democracy


In this respect, the Legal LegCo representative has a key role to play, not only for the Legal profession but also for the rest of Hong Kong.


Current Issue: National Education and Our Core Values


As a young parent, I care deeply about Hong Kong’s education system and our children’s future. Like many of you, my wife and I have serious concerns about the Government’s plan to introduce the proposed national education curriculum.


My hope is for our children to acquire in-depth knowledge about our country through their education. However, their knowledge about China must go beyond mere nationalism and the advantages of the “China model”. In the 21st Century, any form of civic education must be in-line with international standards. The curriculum should instill in them their duties as responsible and independent-thinking citizens. In order to attain a truly harmonious global society, of which Hong Kong forms part, our students must also be educated about the universal values of social justice, rule of law, human rights and democracy, and the importance of a tolerant society.


We should ask the Government to put a stop to its plans to introduce the national education curriculum as currently proposed. The Government should initiate a new round of public consultation, and invite parents, students and teachers to participate in the curriculum preparatory committee.


The recent death of Mr. Li Wangyang and the subsequent ‘whitewash’ investigation reminds us of the importance of defending our core values and passing them on to our next generation. I shall continue to follow-up on this through my role in the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group.


“Upon the education of the people of this country the fate of this country depends.”


In order to protect the environment, I wish to restrict most of my election materials to electronic format as much as possible.


I invite you to visit my Facebook page and my blog for further information about my personal history and election platform. Do feel free to send me an email about your views on any issues.


Kind regards,


Dennis Kwok

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