Dennis Kwok eNewsletter APR 2020

8th April 2020

Some further updates on what we have been doing.

Working together with practitioners and the Judiciary to find technological solutions to the GAP. I have written to the Judiciary Administrator and the CJHC to push for progress on this front. A list of technological proposals has been prepared for the Judiciary to consider. At the Special Finance Committee meeting on 7th April, I requested the Judiciary Administrator to announce the Phase 2 Videoconferencing specifications ASAP.
FYI – LegCo approved $680 million for the Judiciary IT plans in 2013. Resources should not be an issue.
Working with the two professional bodies to find ways of providing financial relief and support to members. Some of them have already been announced. I have asked the Administration to include professionals in the next round of Anti-epidemic Fund.
In particular, I have asked the Law Society President to consider waiving or substantially reducing the professional insurance premium for 2020. I understand this is being actively considered by the LS Council.
Stay safe, and if you have any questions please email my LegCo office. Thank you.

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