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[NEWSLETTER April 2013—03] Developments at Qianhai and implications for the legal profession

Developments at Qianhai and implications for the legal profession On 26 March, the AJLS Panel at LegCo discussed the development plans for Qianhai; a matter which I specifically raised as I understand many members are interested in its development and… Continue reading →

[NEWSLETTER April 2013—04] Legal Aid Fees Review and the Adjustment of the Scale Rates

Legal Aid Fees Review and the Adjustment of the Scale Rates I have repeatedly urged the Administration to review and update the criminal legal aid fees which are far too low. The Administration has promised to issue its biennial review result… Continue reading →

[NEWSLETTER April 2013—05] Interpretation of the Basic Law by the NPCSC

Interpretation of the Basic Law by the NPCSC The CFA recently handed down its judgment in the case of Vallejos Evangeline Banao v. Commissioner of Registration. This judgment marks the end of a set of deeply controversial right of abode… Continue reading →

[NEWSLETTER April 2013—06] Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement From 1st April 2013, the Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 had come into effect. This ordinance requires us to seek your consent for continuing the use of your personal data maintained by us to send to you… Continue reading →

[NEWSLETTER April 2013—07] List of ALL LEGCO Panels / Committees / Sub-Committees/ Bills Committee which I have joined

Panels Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services ++ Panel on Commerce and Industry Panel on Constitutional Affairs Panel on Economic Development Panel on Environmental Affairs Panel on Financial Affairs Panel on Security Committees Committee on Rules of Procedure… Continue reading →

[E-NEWSLETTER January 2013]

18th January, 2013 Dear Friends and Colleagues, Highlights of the 2013 Policy Address The Chief Executive delivered his first Policy Address earlier this week. The Chief Executive spent most of his time and effort on explaining his housing policies. This… Continue reading →

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