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【Article】Seize the moment

SCMP 2014-04-11 A15 | INSIGHT | Dennis Kwok Seize the moment – Don’t waste this chance for real dialogue on political reform in Shanghai SCMP link: 【Dennis Kwok says democratic lawmakers heading to Shanghai must ensure that, unlike in 2005,… Continue reading →

【Article】By popular demand

SCMP link: SCMP 2013-12-14 A17 | INSIGHT | Dennis Kwok By popular demand-Screening out popular candidates does not accord with Basic Law intent 【Dennis Kwok looks back at how Basic Law drafters arrived at the wording of Article 45… Continue reading →

【Article】Open Skies – Argument against budget airlines won’t fly in Hong Kong

SCMP link: SCMP 2013-10-15 A15 | INSIGHT | Dennis Kwok Open Skies – Argument against budget airlines won’t fly in Hong Kong 【Dennis Kwok says budget airlines must be part of the growth in our aviation industry, as travellers will… Continue reading →

【Article】Overworked justice system at risk

SCMP link: SCMP 2013-09-13 A17 | INSIGHT | Dennis Kwok Overworked justice system at risk 【Dennis Kwok says overworked judges and a backlog of cases are affecting the quality of justice in Hong Kong, prompting the need for additional… Continue reading →

【Article】Snowden right to put his trust in Hong Kong’s fair and open courts

SCMP 2013-06-14 A17 | INSIGHT | Dennis Kwok Snowden right to put his trust in Hong Kong’s fair and open courts 【Dennis Kwok says Edward Snowden’s trust in the independence of Hong Kong courts is well founded, given that any… Continue reading →

【Article】To protect China’s environment, make its courts independent

SCMP Link: SCMP 2013-02-09 INSIGHT | Dennis Kwok 【Dennis Kwok says environment can’t improve if laws are not enforced】 I was recently invited to give a lecture at the Wuhan University School of Law on the topic of environmental… Continue reading →

【Article】Poor being let down by lack of access to court services

South China Morning Post | 2012-10-09 A15| Insights| By Dennis Kwok Poor being let down by lack of access to court services 【Dennis Kwok Says an independent legal aid authority is long overdue】 Justice cannot be upheld if citizens do… Continue reading →

Dysfunctional politics

South China Morning Post | 2011-02-17  EDT13| EDT| Voices:Hong Kong| By Dennis Kwok  One clear sign of change that emerged from last year’s constitutional debate is the shift in the political fault line over functional constituencies. Even hardliners now concede… Continue reading →

Lack of transparency politicises everything

South China Morning Post | 2008-06-19  EDT15| EDT| By Dennis Kwok  Recently, The Economist carried an article criticising Hong Kong as an international financial centre for our falling standards of corporate governance. The article focused on the resignation of David… Continue reading →

A discriminating bill

Feburary 28, 2008 Dennis Kwok Published in the SCMP We understand that, to be good parents, we must ourselves be examples for our next generation. As the philosopher Lao Tzu said: “Tolead people, walk beside them.” How does our government measure… Continue reading →

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