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Let’s step back and ask why we want democracy

South China Morning Post | 2008-01-08  EDT13| EDT| By Dennis Kwok    Paul Johnson, George Washington’s biographer, wrote that the ability to always think in the long term was one of Washington’s greatest attributes. In Hong Kong, do our politicians… Continue reading →

The perverse logic of functional seats

South China Morning Post | 2007-10-27  EDT16| EDT| Observer| By Dennis Kwok Two arguments are frequently cited in favour of Hong Kong keeping the functional constituencies in its legislature. The first is that they produce lawmakers with the experience and… Continue reading →

The Perverse Logic of Functional Constituencies – A Reply to Sir David

October 24, 2007  Dennis Kwok Abridged Version published in SCMP A few days ago Sir David Akers-Jones wrote in these pages seeking to persuade us that functional constituencies are good for Hong Kong and it is a system which we should… Continue reading →

Step up to the debate lectern, Mr Tsang

January 29, 2007 Dennis Kwok          Published in SCMP   There is a saying that an election is won or lost on one square foot of real estate – the brain. From this springs a candidate’s ability… Continue reading →

Old Mindset

July 11, 2003  Dennis Kwok Voices of Hong Kong  Hong Kong changed on the day 500,000 people took to the streets. There is now a glimpse of hope on the horizon for democracy. What stands between the Hong Kong people and… Continue reading →

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