Election Pledge

If I have the privilege to serve as your representative in LegCo, I pledge to strive for the best interests of both branches of our profession and to fully dedicate myself to this position in the coming 4 years.  My election pledge is as follows:

  • As a Legislator:  to dedicate myself to the work of the Legislature in all aspects, and to serve as an effective check and balance on executive power; to prevent abuse and corruption.


  • As a representative of the Legal profession:  to advocate for every measure which strengthens the rule of law, and the independence of the Judiciary.  I will focus on access to justice issues such as legal aid reform / fees for criminal legal aid, and sufficient resources for the Judiciary.  I will also work with the two professional bodies to explore ways to assist the profession to broaden and enhance their practice.


  • On the political side:  to defend our constitutional arrangement under the Basic Law.  The demarcation of the ‘two systems’ as stipulated by Article 22(1) of the Basic Law must be strictly adhered to.  I shall vote for every measure that advances democratic reform and the abolition of all functional constituencies.    


  • On public policies that concern the whole community:  I shall give priority to education, protection of the environment and social justice.

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